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Meet The Staff!!

Meet The Staff!!

Meet our staff, we love them most of the time.
Our staff makes sure all our stock is updated, our social media is on point and our store is looking good. They are here to help you out in any way they can, if you're in costa mesa stop by our brick and mortar shop and chat them up! Might be surprised on what you learn!


Meet Thomas
1. I’m 25, born in Denmark, but primarily grew up in Orange County.

2. I guess I could call myself Port of Sounds night shift manager. I’m generally in charge of keeping stock of and consolidating inventory and general store maintenance. I’m also the resident gear-head, so if you need advice on a turntable or audio set up, I’m the guy to ask.

3. I recently graduated from UCSC with a degree in creative writing. My fascination with music and vinyl goes back to my childhood, flipping through my dads collection, marveling at cover art, and being transfixed by the ritual of playing records.

4. In 2015 I saw Father John Misty play in Felton, CA at Bret Harte Hall. The venue is essentially a glorified barn in the middle of a camp ground. PBR on tap, lots of beards and flannel, and probably only 50 people in the audience. Very hipster, but also somewhat surreal and incredibly intimate, seeing as this was before his popularity exploded with Honeybear. I feel very fortunate to have caught him at such a small, strange venue.

5. Lately I’ve been reading Jason Molina’s biography, so Magnolia Electric Co. has pretty much been on repeat. For my money, it stands as one of the greatest root rock/folk albums of all time. The musicianship and compositions on that album are stunning, haunting even.

Likes: Good music, good books, good food, good whisky

dislikes: dust, static, and off-center spindle holes

Meet Chris
*How old are you and where did you grow up?
I'm 28 years old (don't be fooled by my boyish good looks) Grew up in beautiful Lake Elsinore, Ca.

*What do you do at Port of Sound?
Buyer, Record store clerk, resident shit talker/sign maker.

*Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I work at a coffee shop, here and I go to school for Printmaking. I've been collecting records since the early 2000s and I'm a sucker for rare punk and hardcore. I love my cats, reading and talking shit.

*Favorite live performance of all time?
Recorded: Sam Cooke- One Night Stand: Live At The Harlem Square Club
Witnessed: Have Heart, Verse, Shipwreck, My Revenge! Showcase Theater, 2006 (?)

*Favorite album right now and why?
Elliott Smith- Either/Or (Expanded Edition)
My "go to" album anytime life is rough, Either/Or is the perfect blend of haunting harmonies with whisper-thin vocals. My favorite release from the late Elliott Smith, this release contains live recordings of my favorite tracks "Angeles" and "2:45am" as well as three previously unreleased tracks. Beautifully packaged as a double LP gatefold on yellow vinyl.

*Any last words?
No funeral.

Meet Myra!
1. How old are you and where did u grow up?

29 years old, Slk Mfa, USA ;)

2. What do u do at port of sound?

Social media, Marketing promoter ( I make u laugh on instagram) I do a lot of those live show videos you see too hehe! I do all things relating to our media

3. Tell us a little about yourself!!
love cats and japanese food, been buying vinyl forever, I like power pop and everything in between as far as music goes.. Im pretty all over the genre game, digging on synthy goodness these days.

4. Favorite live performance of all time?

Television @ PRB in vegas (epic, emotional and downright magical). It was especially great, since the last time I watched televison was in a hot desert at an overcrowded festival, with some shitty emotional things happening, soo you can imagine how lovely that was haha. This show made up for that x 10000. It Was at a relatively small venue, they played outside but it was still very intimate and I was right up front!! It was sooooo lovely, sound was perfect! They are theee best jammers and we kept bumping into the dudes (super nice) from the band at casinos afterwards!! Alice bag played that same night and she was amazing!! Gave me some awesome advice!! She's a hero on soo many levels, an advocate and just always punk AF. Read her book sometime! I couldnt ask for a better night or performances!!

5. Favorite album right now? and why?

I have two!! Slyvan esso "what now" is just making me have all the feels these days. I think i've listened to it 100 times. I love the vocals, its so pretty and haunting and just over all different from a lot that I've heard. When I'm feeling bummed out or shitty (which is a lot lately) this record just gets me thru.

Shannon lays record "All this life going down" is sooo mesmerizing. It's folky in a way that just feels soo familar in ur heart, her lyrics touch me in so many ways. love lost, unrequited love etc its just so goood. I love every bit of it. Been into alot of female vocals lately.
*Last words? "The world is mine, when I wake up"


Meet Jake
*How old are you and where did you grow up?
25, grew up in Orange County and went to school up in the bay area

*What do you do at Port of Sound?
Store Clerk, write record reviews for web-stores blog, live show reporter

*Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have a fairly unhealthy music addiction. When I'm not working at the store or going to shows, I play bass/synth/cello in a bunch of bands, including my improvisational space rock band The Human Machine, a dark trip-hop project (Seabringer), and make my own drone folk home-recordings (Mourning Rituals). I recently started my own record label Searching Records. When I'm not playing music, I'm usually sipping loose-leaf tea and listening to records or reading music biographies at the recording studio/warehouse I live at.
Besides music I love Franz Kafka, Carl Jung's depth psychology, and The Wire. 
*Favorite Genres?
Cosmic Jazz, Kosmiche Musik, Freak Folk. Pretty much anything Cosmic, Psychedelic and/or Experimental. 

*Favorite live performance of all time?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor when they played at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco back in 2012. They gripped me for 2 1/2 hours straight with their live film projections and darkly cinematic atmospheric rock

*Favorite album right now and why?
Akron/Family - Love Is Simple (Young God Records)
Akron/Family are one of those bands that know how to reach down into my soul and uplift me no matter how I'm feeling. This album goes through a wide range of moods with communal campfire sing-alongs, psych rock jams, free jazz freak-outs, dark tribal drum circles, drones, and plenty of pastoral folk.

*Any last words?
Praise John Coltrane! 



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