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Record Store Day 2019

Record Store Day 2019

Hi!! It's that time again! Record store Day!! We've got a lot of new fans! Thanks for dropping by! We're going to do a run down of what rsd is like at POSR!!

First things first!

The shop is located at 1500 Adams ave suite 104b Costa Mesa CA 92626. 

We open at 5am on April 13th but the fam starts lining up as early as 3 am and don't be surprised to bump into a camper or two! KEEP CALM AND DRINK COFFEE lol jk but really we will provide coffee and pan dulce. We move the line very quickly! Thomas our pal will direct you to our RSD 2019 section. Where everything is in alphabetical order. All 7" are by the register. No worries, we let ya know whats sold out as soon as it is! This was a year or two ago.

Yes its true, we order every single item on the RSD list. If you're here early chances are you'll get your list out and done with by 7 am then you can just chill the rest of the day with your new homies! buuuuuut for those of you that work, have school, kids, pets etc and can't make the store all the items we haven't sold go live at 5am on the 14th and lemme tell you usually we have sooooooo much left over. Just ask everyone who wanted last years tay tay albums...we got ya! we delete items that sell out in store before the site goes live. 


don't see a title there yet? don't worry its only cuz we're slow and still uploading the list but it'll be up asap!


Here's a picture of all the boxes of the first delivery.... with more to come HELP!

We run an Instagram contest all month until the very last day before RSD for first in line solo shopping spree. Basically re post our flyer (provided below) and round 6pm the night before I blind fold Chris (our friendly night buyer) and he chooses a name from a hat and viola! If its your user name you get to have 20 min to your self before anyone sets foot in the shop. You have to be here at 4:45 am but like you can go back to sleep, heart full, knowing you got everything on your list and can rest easy for the next 24 hours. 

WE HAVE A RAFFLE!!! pretty much everyone who shops at POSR (the brick and mortar) will get a raffle ticket. 

What do you get you ask?? 

Tote bag full of goodies! This may include anything from wall pieces to test presses and RSD titles previous and new plus tee's, stickers, buttons and much much more! All together the tote can be worth anywhere from 100 to 500 depending on what we throw in there!! We choose the winner on the Monday after RSD 

This is what the prize has looked like in the past!

I feel like there are still a bunch of things I missed.....if you have questions, concerns? Drop us a comment we'll do our darnedest to answer!!!




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