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Samantha Crain, "you had me at good bye" review by Tim Moyers

Samantha Crain, "you had me at good bye" review by Tim Moyers

Samantha Crain You Had Me at Goodbye, 2017, Ramseur Records

The Oklahoma musician Samantha Crain dropped her 6th studio album this week, You Had Me at Goodbye. For you audiophiles, this album was made all analog (AAA) without a single computer harmed or damaged in the process. The album was produced by John Vanderslice and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The recording chain consisted of a Neve 8068 console to 2͟ tape on a Studer 820 24-track and mixed down to ½͟ tape using an ATR 102. Her previous recording Under Branch & Thorn & Tree was also a AAA recording. If you haven’t experienced a newly released AAA, I highly recommend you take a listen to either of these albums not only for their sonic glory but for their musicality as well.
You Had Me at Goodbye adventures into some fresh territory of Crain. She blends interesting experimental instrumental tones with her alternative/pop vocals establishing this album as a genre bender with a dysthymic character. The songs navigate through many of life’s challenges exploring the struggles of maintaining relationships with the mentally ill (Oh Dear Louis), the frustrations of love (Wise One), loss (Betty’s Eulogy), and the desire to love when nobody is around (Wreck).
I paired this recording with a two finger pour of Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey neat. Eddy Russell (55) is the Master Distiller at Wild Turkey and brings his own unique perspective to Russell’s Reserve differentiating it from the tried and true Wild Turkey. Eddie is no beginner to making whiskey as his father Jimmy Russell was the Master Distiller at Wild Turkey for 60+ years. Eddy grew up drinking his father’s whiskey and brings the best of his family tradition to Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel.
Grab yourself a shot and Samantha Crain’s new album and find yourself sinking deeper into the richness of all things analog!

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