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Sorta Spooky H'ween Party Jams.

Sorta Spooky H'ween Party Jams.

Here's a list of random albums we think would  be SIIIQQQ at a H'ween party. This list also works for last min spooky dinner parties, spooky Weddings, spooky Birthdays, spooky Awkward co worker shindigs??? It's really a cure all. 



1. Pulp Fiction LP 

2. Sun O))) - Black one

3. Shlohmo - Dark Red 

4. Black Sabbath S/T because if you're not head banging you ain't livin.  

5. RITUAL HOWLS - Rendered Armor

6. Grails - Doomsdayers Holiday

7. CreepShow 2 - LES REED & RICK WAKEMAN

8. COVEN - Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls

10. The crow sound tracks has to be in here because lets face it. We all jammed to that cassette at one point in our lives. 



***Full Disclosure This list was compiled last min while we panicked about the storm.***


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