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  • POSR goes to the Bootleg theater, for a night with Methyl Ethel

    POSR goes to the Bootleg theater, for a night with Methyl Ethel

    On a brisk Friday night we made our way to the bootleg theater after securing (through numerous hoop jumps) a pairs of spots on the guest list. Upon arriving and getting some drinks in us we were relaxed and ready to get lost in the music by the time Methyl Ethel got on stage. Hearing old favorites such as Rouges and Idee Fixe brought me back to all those night spent listening to Oh Inhuman Spectacle right after a nasty break up and really hearing the album speak to me. Dreamy pop with an edge oozes out of the band. The...

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  • Samantha Crain, "you had me at good bye" review by Tim Moyers

    Samantha Crain, "you had me at good bye" review by Tim Moyers

    Samantha Crain You Had Me at Goodbye, 2017, Ramseur Records The Oklahoma musician Samantha Crain dropped her 6th studio album this week, You Had Me at Goodbye. For you audiophiles, this album was made all analog (AAA) without a single computer harmed or damaged in the process. The album was produced by John Vanderslice and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The recording chain consisted of a Neve 8068 console to 2͟ tape on a Studer 820 24-track and mixed down to ½͟ tape using an ATR 102. Her previous recording Under Branch & Thorn & Tree was also a AAA recording....

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  • Record Store Day 2017

    Record Store Day 2017

    Record store day is just around the corner!    This year our flagship store in Costa Mesa will be hosting Record Store Day in style.       We will open at 5 AM sharp and stay open until midnight. Our brick and mortar shop will have every RSD title at available at opening, online titles availability will depend on the stock that is left by 9pm day of.      Follow our Instagram @portofsoundrecords to get a sneak peek of all the Record Store Day exclusives, along with a chance to enter our contest for early entrance/solo shopping on the...

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  • Port of Sound Rebranding

    Port of Sound Rebranding

    When Port of Sound first opened our doors five years ago, we sought to create a one stop record shop for Orange County collectors seeking the best releases from both new and classic artists. Today we’re proud to launch our online retail site in the hopes that we can offer the same great record shopping experience to a larger audience of vinyl music fans than ever before. In celebration of this venture into cyberspace, we’re also introducing our new logo, one we feel embodies our love for and dedication to vinyl records. Happy shopping! -POSR Team

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