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Battletoads: Smash Hits!
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David Wise and David Housden

Battletoads: Smash Hits!

LPx2, iam8bit Records

Pimple Pink Vinyl

A1 Title Theme
A2 Ragnarok's Canyon
A3 Wookie Hole
A4 Turbo Tunnel (Prelude)
A5 Turbo Tunnel
A6 Arctic Cavern
A7 Pause
B1 Dark Calling (Cutscene)
B2 Surf City / Terra Tubes
B3 Karnath's Lair
B4 Volkmire's Inferno (Prelude)
B5 Volkmire's Inferno
B6 Intruder Excluder
B7 Rat Race
B8 Clinger Wingers
B9 The Revolution
B10 Boss Battle
B11 Stage Clear
B12 Game Over
C1 Battletoads
C2 Khaos Mountains 2.0
C3 Porkshank
C4 Olympian Amphibians
C5 Toadally Rad
C6 To The Queen!
C7 Powertoads
C8 Space Toads
D2 Queen's Guard
D3 Axeley
D4 Turbo Tunnel
D5 Gut Reaction
D6 Show's Over
D7 The Topians

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