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Clang Clang Ho
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Cub Scout Bowling Pins

Clang Clang Ho Default Title

LP, Guide by Voices inc.

A1 Magic Taxi 2:07
A2 Flip Flop World 1:27
A3 Casino Hair Wife 1:28
A4 Ride My Earthmobile 2:24
A5 Schoolmaster Bones 2:20
A6 Eggs, Mother? 1:34
A7 Strange Walk Home 1:40
A8 Nova Mona 3:07
A9 The Telegraph Hill Gazette 2:20
A10 Everybody Love A Baboon 0:50
B1 © 1-2-3 2:17
B2 Sister Slam Dance 2:47
B3 It's Marbles! 1:37
B4 Space Invader 2:29
B5 Human Car 1:33
B6 Competitor 1:41
B7 She Cannot Know 2:08
B8 We 2:19
B9 Roll Up Your Nose 2:28
B10 What Crawls Also Flies Over 2:01

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