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Kraut Jazz Futurism Vol. 2
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Various Artists

Kraut Jazz Futurism Vol. 2

LPx2, Kryptox Records

This Side
A1 –Contrast Trio In The Bottle
A2 –Key Elements Elemental
A3 –CV Vision 1The U
A4 –Wanubalé Hickups
That Side
B1 –KUF* Only When I Sleep
B2 –GTA Hoffmann Der Mogul (Kryptox Version)
B3 –Modha Harzer Straße
B4 –Triorität x Lukas Lehmann Olk
This Side
C1 –Le Millipede Compost Ghosts
C2 –Ark Noir Arkomplex
C3 –Perilymph She Fell
That Side
D1 –Love-Songs Kölner Straße
D2 –Kuhn Fu The Flounder
D3 –Transport (12) Tanz Um Den Melkeimer
D4 –Spiritczualic Enhancement Center 360° Of Harmony

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