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LPx2, Atlantic Records

Translucent Blue Vinyl

A1 Fly From The Inside 3:55
A2 Left Out 3:51
A3 Lost In The Crowd 3:58
A4 No More Love 3:46
B1 Better Version 3:45
B2 Burning Bright 3:46
B3 In Memory 4:04
B4 All I Ever Wanted 4:12
C1 Stranger Inside 4:01
C2 Lacerated 4:00
C3 Crying Out 3:34
C4 45 4:09
The Sandford Sessions
D1 Simple Man 5:20
D2 Burning Bright (Sanford Mix) 3:44
D3 45 (Acoustic) 4:34

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