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Devendra Banhart


LP & 7", Nonesuch Records

LP-A1 Golden Girls 1:35
LP-A2 Daniel 3:05
LP-A3 Für Hildegard von Bingen 2:35
LP-A4 Never Seen Such Good Things 3:13
LP-A5 Mi Negrita 3:24
LP-A6 Your Fine Petting Duck 5:46
LP-B1 The Ballad Of Keenan Milton 2:12
LP-B2 A Gain 1:35
LP-B3 Won't You Come Over 3:35
LP-B4 Cristobal Risquez 2:28
LP-B5 Hatchet Wound 3:08
LP-B6 Mala 1:08
LP-B7 Won't You Come Home 3:31
LP-B8 Taurobolium 3:16
7"-A1 Something French 2:57
7"-B1 Loring Baker 2:25

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