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Various Artists

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume Seven

LPx2, Fuzz Club

A1 –Chesta Hedron Pulse
A2 –Mt. Mountain Tassel
A3 –Sei Still Tácticas de Guerrilla Urbana
B1 –Flying Moon In Space Ardor
B2 –Kill Your Boyfriend (2) Agave
B3 –Veik Difficult Machinery
C1 –Lorelle Meets The Obsolete La Maga
C2 –Ashinoa Koalibi
C3 –Autotelia Floating Island Of The Gods
D1 –Hypnotic Floor Beinwärts
D2 –Mirna Ray Poziome Tornado
D3 –Servo (15) Yajña
D4 –Rev Rev Rev Clutching The Blade

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