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Zero Zero Zero
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Zero Zero Zero Default Title

LPx2, Rock Action Records

White Vinyl

A1 Visit Me 2:40
A2 I'm Not Going When I Don't Get Back 2:27
A3 Telt 1:54
A4 Chicken Guns 4:48
A5 Nose Pints 2:04
A6 Fears Of Metal 2:37
B7 Space Annual 1:21
B8 Invisible Frequencies 2:53
B9 Moon In Reverse 4:01
B10 Don't Make Me Go Out On My Own 3:15
B11 Lesser Glasgow 4:18
C12 Frog Marching 4:03
C13 El Dante 3:48
C14 Major Treat 2:15
C15 Rivers Wanted 4:11
C16 Summon The Sacred Beast 3:22
D17 Modern Trolls 3:51
D18 The Winter's Not Forever 3:47
D19 He Loved Trees 2:18
D20 Witches Of Alignment 3:57
D21 The Wife Was Touched 4:53

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