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Village Of The Damned (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Village Of The Damned (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Default Title

Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2020
Release Date: 11/27/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Concord/Varese Sarabande
Quantity: 2100
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
Village Of The Damned is now expanded featuring extended cues, film versions of the score and the original 1995 soundtrack. Composed by John Carpenter and Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, this score is a dark and suspenseful electronic score mixed with live instruments. Carpenter described their score as one of the most full, romantic scores he’d ever done. Deluxe Edition Orange Marble 2 x LP set for RSD Black Friday.

DISC 1 –
1. Angel Of Death / Midwich Sleeps / Daybreak
2. The Fair [Extended Version]
3. Gas Station / Asleep
4. Awaken / The Funeral
5. Welcome Home, Ben [Extended Version]
6. Big Meeting / The Decision
7. The Same Dream
8. Baptism [Extended Version]
9. Baby Mara
10. Children's Theme / Dilemma
11. The Parents Arrive
12. Children's Carol
DISC 2 –
1. Loss / Carol Of The Damned
2. Carlton
3. Ben's Death / Ultimatum
4. Burning Desire [Extended Version]
5. Last Kiss / The Bomb
6. The Brick Wall [Extended Version]
7. March Of The Children
8. Midwich Shuffle
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