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25 Live!

Brian Setzer Orchestra

25 Live!

Surfdog Records -  [12''] (Neon Blue Vinyl, 2 unreleased live tracks, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive)

Brian Setzer has been living and breathing music since
he was seven years old when he and his mom popped
into a pizza parlor and heard a new band on a jukebox
that, in his words, ''blew me away.''
For nearly four decades now, Setzer and his signature
Gretsch guitar have been making a sound that legions
of fans worldwide love--and likely breathe and live for,
too. Sonically, since 1979 Setzer has been swinging from
rockabilly to, well, swing, jumping from blues to
boogie-woogie, and even adapting compositions by
Beethoven and Mozart (the would-be Lennon and
McCartney of their day). He's put a stamp--and guitar
licks--on myriad genres, all without missing a beat.
2017 marks the milestone 25th anniversary of The Brian
Setzer Orchestra (BSO), and what better way to celebrate
than with a 12'' single LP release! 25 Live! is an exclusive
Black Friday Record Store Day release (out 11/24/17),
packaged as a neon blue 12'' single LP and featuring two
never-before-released live tracks by the BSO: ''Let There
Be Rock'' and ''Gene & Eddie'', this is a must-have for any
Setzer or BSO fan!!

SIDE A: Let There Be Rock
SIDE B: Gene & Eddie

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