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A Different P.O.V.

Utopia (Todd Rundgren)

A Different P.O.V.

Real Gone Music - [12''] (Sky Blue Vinyl, 3 unreleased demos, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive)

album do indeed provide a different point of view into the fnal days
of the band. First, a little background. 1984 was a time of upheaval for
Todd Rundgren; on a personal level, he had begun a new and serious
relationship with Tubes singer Michele Gray and was now splitting his
time equally between residences in Lake Hill, New York, and Sausalito,
California. On the professional front, he was precariously juggling his
three careers between his production
work for other artists, his own
solo recording, and his duties as a
member of Utopia, his partnership
with bassist Kasim Sulton,
drummer John ''Willie'' Wilcox, and
keyboardist Roger Powell. Utopia
was always a four-way democracy,
very much a communal creative
effort; but now, with the advent of
new recording technology like the
Fairlight synthesizer, the musicians
could create new work without
ever having to be in the same
room. Which is exactly how these
demos came to be; both ''Secret Society'' and
''Play This Game'' are vocal demos that Rundgren made at Utopia Sound
in Lake Hill, while ''Mated'' was a tune by Wilcox for which Rundgren
wrote and sang the vocals. All three songs made the album with full band
arrangements, though Wilcox elected to stick with programmed drums,
a decision which precipitated the break-up of the band. But despite all
the infghting, these demos and the resulting album alike maintained the
melodic brilliance that was always the band's calling card, even as POV
proved to be their last studio album together.
Now, Real Gone Music presents these fascinating, behind-the-scenes
demos in a limited edition exclusive for Record Store Day/Black Friday:
sky blue 45 r.p.m. 12'' vinyl inside a jacket sporting liner notes by Paul
Myers-author of A Wizard, a True Star-Todd Rundgren in the Studio-
that include quotes from Rundgren, Sulton, and Wilcox. Limited to 1500
copies, this one's a must for fans forever ''mated'' to Todd and Utopia.

Led by Todd Rundgren, Utopia (Roger Powell,
Kasim Sulton, and Willie Wilcox) Released a
Series of Brilliant Prog-Pop Albums Throughout
the '70s and '80s
• But in 1984, as the Band Prepared for What
Turned Out to Be Its Final Album, POV, Things
Were Building to a Head
• Rundgren Was Busy with His Solo Career,
Production Work, and a New Romantic
Relationship, While He and Wilcox Were at Odds
• In Addition, Advances in Recording Technology
Made It Possible to Create Finished Works
Without Any Personal Contact Between Band
• It Was in This Charged Environment That the
Three UNRELEASED Demos That Make Up A
Diferent P.O.V. Were Recorded
• Two of Them, ''''Secret Society'' and ''Play This
Game,'' Are Vocal Demos that Rundgren Made at
Utopia Sound in Lake Hill
• The Other, ''Mated,'' Was Written by Wilcox and
Set to Lyrics by Rundgren
• All Three Songs Ended Up on POV in Full Band
Arrangements, and, Despite the Turmoil, Wield
Utopia's Trademark Melodic Brilliance
• These Three Demos Appear for the First Time
Anywhere, Exclusively for Record Store Day/
Black Friday
• Liner Notes by Paul Myers, author of A Wizard,
a True Star-Todd Rundgren in the Studio,
Include Revealing Quotes from Rundgren,
Sulton, and Wilcox
• Sky Blue 45 R.P.M. 12'' Vinyl Limited to 1500
• A Behind-the-Scenes Listen to the Last Days of a
Great Band

Side One
1. Secret Society
2. Mated
Side Two
1. Play This Game

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