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NxWorries (Knxwledge & Anderson .Paak)

Yes Lawd! Remixes Default Title

Stones Throw -  [LP] Black vinyl

Yes Lawd! Remixes, is a new reworking of the critically acclaimed debut
album from NxWorries. Knxwledge continues a Stones Throw tradition
started by Madlib, by remixing his own album, adding a new interpretation
to the tracks featuring Anderson .Paak's vocals.
''Two artists working at the absolute height of their talents'' - Pitchfork
''One of the best albums of 2016'' - Complex
''Yes Lawd! is an album that feels alive, a living and breathing object that
nods to the past while staying in the present'' - The FADER
''The inspired combo of Paak's soulful rasp and Knxwledge's cratedigging
sample...makes this album something special in a year that's already
filled with strong R&B LPs'' - Noisey

All vocals by Anderson .Paak, whose solo LP Malibu and
numerous guest features (Dr. Dre, Mac Miller, Kaytranada,
The Game) made him the breakout star of 2017
• All tracks by Grammy award-winning producer Knxwledge,
the man behind beats for Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt &
Action Bronson
• Performed ''What More Can I Say'' on NBC's Tonight Show
Starring Jimmy Fallon
• Pitchfork ''Best New Track'' reviews for ''Lyk Dis'' and ''Get

1. Alltype
2. Livvin
3. Wngs
4. Best 1
5. Kutless
6. Lyk Dis
7. Idntrembrwell
8. HAN
9. $cared
10. Best 2
11. Suede
12. Reali(the)nd

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