Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions & Demos


Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions & Demos

Triple LP, 4AD

B Sides
A1 Manta Ray
A2 Weird At My School 
A3 Dancing The Manty Ray 
A4 Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) 
A5 Into The White 
A6 Bailey's Walk 
Peel Sessions 18/10/88
B1 Dead 
B2 Tame 
B3 There Goes My Gun
B4 Manta Ray
Peel Sessions 02/05/89
B5 Into The White 
B6 Wave Of Mutilation 
B7 Down To The Well 
C1 Debaser
C2 Tame
C3 Wave Of Mutilation (First Demo)
C4 I Bleed
C5 Here Comes Your Man (1986 Demo) 
C6 Dead 
C7 Monkey Gone To Heaven
C8 Mr. Grieves
C9 Crackity Jones
D1 La La Love You 
D2 No. 13 Baby Viva La Lomo Rica (First Demo) 
D3 There Goes My Gun 
D4 Hey (First Demo)
D5 Silver 
D6 Gouge Away 
D7 My Manta Ray Is All Right
D8 Santo
D9 Weird At My School (First Demo) 
Original Album
E1 Debaser 
E2 Tame 
E3 Wave Of Mutilation
E4 I Bleed
E5 Here Comes Your Man
E6 Dead 
E7 Monkey Gone To Heaven 
F1 Mr. Grieves
F2 Crackity Jones 
F3 La La Love You 
F4 No. 13 Baby 
F5 There Goes My Gun 
F6 Hey 
F7 Silver 
F8 Gouge Away

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