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Egyptian Lover 1983-1988

Egyptian Lover

Egyptian Lover 1983-1988

LPx4 Box Set, Stones Throw Records

Includes previously unreleased track; 20-page book with photos & liner notes; digital download card

A1 Egyptian Lover Theme 4:32
A2 Spray It Super AJ 3:01
A3 Dial-A-Freak 6:34
B1 Yes, Yes, Yes (Peanut Butter Wolf Re-Edit) 6:35
B2 Egypt, Egypt 6:51
C1 What Is A DJ If He Can't Scratch 5:48
C2 And My Beat Goes Boom (Peanut Butter Wolf Re-Edit) 5:45
C3 Girls 5:48
D1 I Cry (Night After Night) 5:30
D2 Ultimate Scratch 2:00
D3 My House (On The Nile) 5:25
E1 Electric Encounter 4:25
E2 Computer Love 3:21
E3 Voices 5:23
F1 Computer Power 7:00
F2 Dance (Dub Mix) 4:58
G1 You're So Fine 5:33
G2 Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) 4:15
G3 Freak-A-Holic 4:36
H1 The Alezby Inn 5:53
H2 Sexy Style 5:04
H3 I Need A Freak 4:45

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