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Elton John (Gold)

Elton John

Elton John (Gold)

Mercury  - (Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Gold, 50th Anniversary Edition) 

The album Elton John became Elton's first big hit. Both Elton's and Bernie Taupin's songcraft had become more focused and diverse. This album brought the classic hit "Your Song" which would remain a staple for Elton throughout his career. Now available on 180 gram heavyweight gold vinyl and is one in a series of vinyl releases to mark Elton John's 50th anniversary in the music industry.

Side A


1.Your Song


2.I Need You To Turn To


3.Take Me To The Pilot


4.No Shoe Strings On Louise


5.First Episode At Hienton


Side B


1.Sixty Years On


2.Border Song


3.The Greatest Discovery


4.The Cage


5.The King Must Die

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