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Endless Fantasy


Endless Fantasy

Double LP, Polyvinyl

A1 Endless Fantasy
A2 Japan Air
A3 Echobo
A4 Planet
A5 Viridian Genesis
B6 John Hughes
B7 Prom Night
B8 Interlude (Gymnopedie No. 1)
B9 Akira
B10 SPF420
B11 Interlude (Total Tea Time)
B12 Meow
C13 Canal Paradise
C14 Snow Angels
C15 In The Basement
C16 U N Me
D17 Space Wax America
D18 Everything Explodes
D19 Interlude (Still Splodin Tho)
D20 Pastel Flags
D21 Bosozoku GF
D22 (T-T)b

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