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Glass 2.0

Meyhem Lauren

Glass 2.0


A1 Poseidon's Wrath
A2 Root Of Evil (feat. Big Body Bes)
A3 Yucca
A4 Bail Money
A5 Steamed Monkfish (Remix)
A6 Ducati Dreams
A7 Brunch At The Breakers (feat. Bags)
A8 G Shit
A9 Jarlsberg
B1 Poseidon's Wrath (Instrumental)
B2 Root Of Evil (Instrumental)
B3  Yucca (Instrumental)
B4 Bail Money (Instrumental)
B5 Steamed Monkfish (Remix) (Instrumental)
B6 Ducati Dreams (Instrumental)
B7 Brunch At The Breakers (Instrumental)
B8 G Shit (Instrumental)
B9 Jarlsberg (Instrumental)

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