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Sweet Serenity

Shoko Suzuki

Sweet Serenity Default Title

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30th anniversary of her debut! ''SWEET SERENITY'' is finally available in vinyl!

This anniversary original album was released exactly 20 years after her debut in 1988.

Shoko Suzuki has been highly acclaimed for her exceptional songwriting sense, and this album is a perfect example of This album is the culmination of his career and is a gem of quality. 9 songs with a contemporary sound and an evergreen glow. ! plus two new songs!

Original release date (CD): 2008/9/10


Side A

?1. Mada30' no onna

?2. Hontou ha Kanashii kankei

?3. SWEET SERENITY & chocolate milk-tea


?5. Rose Pink no Cheek (my mama said, so)

Side B

?1. Gyaku propose

?2. Faraway Song - Something Far Away??new sound source?

?3. SWEET DROPS (Power Pop R&R Version)

??new sound source?to PUFFY offer2011??

?4. Father Figure

?5. 5years,/AND THEN...

?6. SWEET SERENITY & chocolate milk-tea (Reprise)

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