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Buari LP

Nature Sounds

Format: LP
Label: Nature Sounds
Release type: 'RSD First' Release


Afrobeat pioneer Sidiku Buari is a singer, percussionist, and composer, and a musical luminary in his homeland of Ghana.  His debut album Buari was one of the first mainstream afro-funk albums to hit stores in the United States.  Released in 1975 shortly after Buari moved the New York City, the album features the legendary Bernard Purdie on drums.  Balancing American funk sensibilities with heavy African rhythms, Buari has become a rare and expensive treasure for record collectors.  Now, for the first time in years, this classic LP is back in print on limited-edition vinyl.

A1 Karam Bani A2 Them Yebtheyet A3 Ku Ka Maria A4 Advice From Father 
B1 Iro Le Pa B2 Ye Koaba B3 Peace B4 Oh! Africa

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