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Rough Guide To Brazilian Psychedelia


Rough Guide To Brazilian Psychedelia

Event: RSD DROPS 2020 - October 24
Release Date: 10/24/2020
Format: LP
Label: World Music Network
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Drops Oct 24th
RSD First - Oct

This heady selection traces Brazil's enduring love affair with psychedelic music from the early days of the 1970s to today's new wave of artists. Featuring forgotten masterpieces by Jose Mauro and Piry Reis, along with rock-fuelled retro tracks by Mopho and Jupiter Maca, this is a mind-bending collection which transcends time.

SIDE A: 1. Piri - As Incríveis Peripécias De Danilo 2. Mopho - Ela Me Deu Um Beijo 3. Mauricio Maestro featuring Nana Vasconcelos - Ancient Truth 4. Laranja Freak - Fluidos 5. Bike - Enigma Do Dente Falso

SIDE B: 1. Jupiter Maça - O Novo Namorado 2. José Mauro - Apocalypse 3. Nomade Orquestra - Felag Mengu 4. Supercordas - Orquestra De Mil Martelos 5. Bonifrate - Microcosmo
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