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Forever Alien


Forever Alien Default Title

RSD 2020 release. Space Age reissue Spectrum 's Forever Alien , originally released 1997. British space rock band Spectrum is a project led by Sonic Boom , aka Pete Kember . As a solo artist, Kember has recorded as Spectrum and E.A.R. (Experimental Audio Research) , parallel musical projects with recordings under both names occasionally only featuring Kember. Forever Alien is the third studio album by Spectrum. It was originally released in1997 by Space Age Records and has long been out of print. After the band's preceding EP moved away from guitar-oriented music and towards electronics, Forever Alien furthered this approach as Kember aimed to create a predominately electronic album that sounded organic and analog in style. The record is dominated by vintage analog synthesizers. Kember had become fascinated by the synths as he felt they presented him with more musical possibilities than guitars. The resulting album fuses psychedelic music with influences from the 1960s electronic music of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Now remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio especially for vinyl release. Previously released on vinyl in 1997. Orange heavyweight 180 gram audiophile double vinyl LP.

01. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away
02. The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?)
03. Close Your Eyes And You'll See
04. Delia Derbyshire
05. Owsley
06. Forever Alien
07. Matrix
08. Like.....
09. The New Atlantis
10. The End
11. Sounds For A Thunderstorm (For Peter Zinovieff)
12. Liquid Intentions
13. Sine Study

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