Endless Futures

Richard Youngs

Endless Futures

LP, Glass Redux.

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RSD 2018 release. Glass Redux release Endless Futures by Richard Youngs . White 180 gram vinyl; Limited edition of 500. Richard Youngs on the record: "Drum machine, bass guitar, electric guitar, voice. Four sounds on four tracks of tape, mixed to computer with minimal embellishment. This LP, released especially for Record Store Day 2018, is something like how I wished I had sounded when I was 12. But, I hadn't the technology, some of it didn't even exist. Nor the ability, I was still learning. Nor the voice, it was yet to break. Endless Futures is a record of two halves, yet of a piece. The sprawling title track that occupies the entirety of the first side contrasts with the short, sharp shocks of songs that comprise the second side. Both are re-imagined punk rock. But, this isn't music of the past. Re-purposing the music of my early adolescence takes me to a new musical zone, one in which the niceties of ornament are discarded in favour of directness. It isn't about being pretty, it is about saying something. With improvised lyrics, the message is of the moment. And, if all points in time are equally real, this eternal present of looking back is our Endless Future ." 

" Imagine Richard Youngs as the junior member of a cabal of prolific and puritanical English musician-mystics, includingThe Fall 's Mark E Smith , Van der Graaf Generator 's Peter Hammill , Martin Carthy and The Clangers composerVernon Elliot , and still his nature will elude you " -- Stewart Lee , Sunday Times. 

" iconic figure of the modern UK underground " --The Quietus.


A1. Endless Futures (22:03) 
B1. A Pawn Cannot Become A King (2:36) 
B2. Nix (1:26) 
B3. Semblances (2:16) 
B4. No Call No Response (1:25) 
B5. One Million Leagues Beneath The Sky (1:15) 
B6. New Smooth Transmissions (1:24) 
B7. Feel Like A Vacancy (1:41) 
B8. Bad Ontology (1:46) 
B9. Perfect Moment For New Disaffection (1:46) 
B10. Non-Fricatives (1:59)

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