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Kjoe Blues is a four track single with ''Nederbeat'' style songs all recorded in MONO by Q'65 in 1967. ''Ain't That Loving You Baby'' is a cover written by American blues musician Jimmy Reed, ''Rambling On My Mind'' is a traditional, ''No Place To Go'' is written by American blues musician Chester Arthur Burnett aka Howlin' Wolf and 80% O is an original written by Q'65, all songs are produced by Hans van Hemert.


Q'65 was formed in The Hague in 1965 and is often considered one of the more prominent bands associated with the Nederbeat sound that took place in the 60s. To promote one of their singles the band travelled to London. Unfortunately they were denied a work permit and returned (according to their bio but highly-doubted) to The Netherlands in a rubber lifeboat, taking 12 hours to cross the Channel. Upon landing at the Scheveningen Pier, Q'65 was greeted by cheering fans who were rewarded with an open-air concert. Between 1966 and 1971, the band recorded four albums, split-up and rejoined (although in a different line-up) for their final and last album in 1997.


This collectable four track 7'' is newly remastered for MONO playback and is available for Record Store Day in a limited run of 750 copies on yellow vinyl.



* 7''

* Disco sleeve

* Limited edition of 750 copies on yellow vinyl 



Side A

1. Ain't That Loving You Baby

2. Rambling On My Mind 


Side B

1. No Place To Go

2. 80% O


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