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RSD 2020 release. Influential independent label, Posh Boy, helped the southern California punk scene to gain traction in the late '70s and early '80s through a series of releases by then-unknown bands. The legendary 1979 compilation Beach Blvd referenced Route 39, a highway that connected the label's various artists, located in suburbs from Huntingdon Beach up to the San Gabriel Valley. Rosemead's Simpletones were one of the first melodic punk acts; Huntingdon Beach's The Crowd drew from surf rock and hardcore in equal measure, while the material credited to Rik L Rik are actually remixes of demos he cut with Negative Trend , now with bass overdubs by Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford , who also cut lead guitar on "Atomic Lawn". This ultra-expanded, double vinyl reissue features 17 bonus tracks of Simpletones and The Crowd material, as well as live material from Rik L Rik's first group, the legendary F-Word! , and the two only known tracks recorded by The Klan , the short-lived quartet fronted by Simpletones vocalist, Richard "Snickers" Scott . Includes updated liner notes. Yellow and turquoise vinyl; gatefold sleeve; edition of 700.

01. Simpletones - Kirsty Q
02. Simpletones - I Have A Date
03. Simpletones - Tiger Beat Twist
04. Rik L Rik - Black And Red
05. Rik L Rik - Meat House
06. The Crowd - Suzy Is A Surf Rocker
07. The Crowd - Living In Madrid
08. The Crowd - Trix Are For Kids
09. The Crowd - Modern Machine
10. The Crowd - New Crew
11. Rik L Rik - I Got Power
12. Rik L Rik - Mercenaries
13. Rik L Rik - Atomic Lawn
14. Simpletones - Don`t Bother Me
15. Simpletones - California
16. Dirk Dirksen - Spoken Word Intro*
17. F-Word - Do The Nihil*
18. F-Word - Out There*
19. F-Word - Do The Haze*
20. F-Word - Government Official*
21. F-Word - Shut Down*
22. Simpletones - I Like Drugs*
23. Simpletones - Dead Meat*
24. Simpletones - TV Love*
25. Simpletones - Rock n Roll Star*
26. Simpletones - Disco Ape*
27. Simpletones - Nasty Nazi*
28. The Crowd - Right Time*
29. The Crowd - Desmond And Kathy*
30. The Crowd - Melody Hill*
31. The Klan - Pushin' Too Hard*
32. The Klan - Cover Girls*

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