Dracula / The Curse of Frankenstein

James Bernard

Dracula / The Curse of Frankenstein Default Title

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Silva Screen - 

  • Record Store Day EU/UK 2020 Exclusive Release
  • 2xLP pressed on RED & GREEN colored vinyl
  • Housed in a gatefold sleeve

Main Title from Dracula
Arrival at Castle Dracula
Plan Revealed/ Plea for Help/ Dracula's Rage
The Mausoleum/ Harker Stakes the Bride/ Empty Casket
The Diary/ Van Helsing Finds Harker
Sleep Well/ Dracula Seduces Lucy
Lucy's Second Encounter/ Garlic Flowers
Aunt Lucy/ Lucy is Released
Mina Ensnared/ It Was There
Allergic Reaction/ Mina's Submission
Bloodstained Mina/ The Cellar
The Final Battle
Rhapsody for Lucy (Lucie)
The Curse of Frankenstein
Main Title from The Curse of Frankenstein
A Brilliant Intellect/ It's Alive
The Gibbet
An Offer of Help/ Goodnight Professor/ The Professor's Brain
The Creature/ He's Gone
The Creature and the Blind Man/ You Shoot Well/ I'll Give You Life Again
Justine's Fate
Get Up/ Final Confrontation/ The Guillotine

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