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 We are going through some changes as we restock and rearrange our in person location. Back in Jan of 23 we sold our old stock to another shop in the hopes of moving the shop into a new space and redo our vision. This may be a scary change but fear not! We are still bringing in tons of NEW vinyl and it comes in every day! We're in our ugly duckling phase but not for long! 



  • Halloween close at 8:00pm
  • Thanksgiving Closed
  • Black Friday 5am-midnight
  • RSD 5am- midnight
  • Christmas eve, close at 4:30pm 
  • Christmas Day Closed
  • New Years Eve close 4:30
  • New year Day 11am - 8pm  
  • Easter Closed 
  • Labor day close at 9pm 
  • Memorial day close at 9