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Attic Tapes
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Attic Tapes

LPx2, Touch and Go Records

A1 Draggin' Me Down
A2 Still Insane Velveteen
A3 A Load of Your Fables
A4 All I Have Is Stolen
A5 Factotum
A6 Silver Iodine #1
B1 Godpocket
B2 Red Silhouette #1
B3 Let's Lose
B4 Wrecked Choke Riffs
B5 Oh Donna Collage
B6 Apple Of My Heart
B7 Silver Iodine #2
B8 You All The Time
B9 Banzai Superstar
B10 Sidewalk Culture
B11 I Will Haunt You
B12 Frustration Excerpt
C1 Charles
C2 Ask
C3 Subsurface Genderflux
C4 Flypaper Jam
C5 Cookie Don't Sing
C6 Horses & Ammunition #1
C7 Toby's International
C8 Pathogens
C9 Signal Flow
D1 Indian Poker Part 0
D2 Marble Mausoleum
D3 Red Silhouette #2
D4 Stealing Flowers
D5 Swan Song
D6 Baje Con Los Locos
D7 Dr Fingers
D8 Blow Fly
D9 Horses & Ammunition #2
D10 The Jesus Christ Of Rug Burns

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