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Banana Jamz
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Josh Willis

Banana Jamz

LP, Cartridge Thunder Records, Blue vinyl

A1 Theme 1:29
A2 Simian Segue 1:56
A3 DK Island Swing 2:52
A4 Cranky's Theme 1:19
A5 Cave Dweller Concert 2:58
A6 Bonus Room Blitz 0:58
A7 Aquatic Ambiance 3:30
A8 Bad Boss Boogie 2:03
A9 Mine Cart Madness 2:36
A10 Life In The Mines 2:13
B11 Voices Of The Temple 2:21
B12 Forest Frenzy 1:59
B13 Treetop Rock 1:59
B14 Funky's Fugue 2:30
B15 Northern Hemispheres 2:34
B16 Ice Cave Chant 2:05
B17 Fear Factory 2:23
B18 Gang-Plank Galleon 1:50
B19 K. Rool's Cacophony 0:27
B20 The Credits Concerto 2:19
B21 End Of Turn 0:17
B22 End Of Stage 0:13

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