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Best of Crime Rock

Chain & The Gang

Best of Crime Rock

LP, In the Red Records

"Chain & the Gang are different than the rest. You won't see their name on the garbage heap of hyped bands pushed by paid-off web-zine tastemakers. They're "jingle-core," tattooed onto your subconscious via Madison Avenue mind-control ad campaigns. They're not middle brow cubicle rockers or a tiresome teenaage retread of '90s surrender sludge. No.
Chain & the Gang are singular, terrifying, unparalleled. Not only the most ferocious live combo ever witnessed but also the world's ONLY anti-liberty rock 'n' roll group. Their motto? 'Down with Liberty...Up with Chains!'"



1 Devitalize
2 Cretain Kinds of Trash
3 Why Not?
4 The Logic of Night
5 I See Progress
6 What Is A Dollar?
7 Mum's the Word
8 Free Will
9 Come Over
10 Livin' Rough
11 'Nuff Said
12 Deathbed Confession
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