Black Mirror - Arkangel

Mark Isham

Black Mirror - Arkangel

Fire America - Lp Color variant

The soundtrack to Arkangel from the hit TV series Black Mirror (series four, episode two, directed by Jodie Foster).

An epic score for a disturbing tale of child tagging and exposure to graphic violence and pornography. A brooding, malevolent, claustrophobic, unnerving episode brought to life by Grammy and Emmy award winning composer Mark Isham (Point Break, The Crash, The Hitcher, etc).

“Isham is firmly entrenched in the A-list of film composers…” Josef Woodard, JazzTimes

Part of the cult Black Mirror legacy which Charlie Brooker claimed offers “more hope”. Really?!? Prickly, moody, melancholy, too close for comfort, dark, dangerous, haunting, a gem of modern composing that perfectly captures Brooker’s warped vision of the future.

Track listing
  • A Day At The Park
  • Say She's Ok
  • Arkangel
  • Hide And Seek
  • Time Passing I
  • Alerts
  • A Day Without Passing
  • Time Passing II
  • The Lamentable Return
  • Lies
  • Despair
  • Discovery
  • Consequences
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