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The Search 1985-1989
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The Search 1985-1989

Colored Vinyl

Double LP, Revelation Records


A1 Running Like Thieves
A2 You're The Friend I Don't Need
A3 Always Try
A4 Looking Back
A5 Hateful
A6 Speak Out
A7 Today We Live
B1 Wise Up
B2 Having My Say
B3 Talk Is Cheap
B4 Nailed To The X
B5 Now Or Never
B6 Always Try
B71 Clear
C1 Intro
C2 Change Within
C3 Accept The Blame
C4 Wise Up
C5 Still Strong
C6 Search
C7 Strength Through Hope
D1 Talk Is Cheap
D2 Always Try
D3 Walk Tall, Walk Straight
D4 Positive Scene
D5 Can't You See
D6 Not Just Talk
D7 Respect
D8 Choice
D9 Stand Together
D10 K-Town Mosh Crew
D11 United We Stand
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