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Braveheart Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

James Horner

Braveheart Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Double LP, Decca Music


A1 Main Title 2:51
A2 A Gift Of A Thistle 1:38
A3 Wallace Courts Murron 4:25
A4 The Secret Wedding 6:33
A5 Attack On Murron 3:00
B1 Revenge 6:24
B2 Murron's Burial 2:14
B3 Making Plans/Gathering The Clans 1:52
B4 'Sons Of Scotland' 6:20
B5 The Battle Of Stirling 5:57
C1 For The Love Of A Princess 4:07
C2 Falkirk 4:04
C3 Betrayal & Desolation 7:48
C4 Mornay's Dream 1:16
D1 The Legend Spreads 1:09
D2 The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life 3:38
D3 'Freedom'/The Execution Bannockburn 7:24
D4 End Credits 7:15
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