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Come Closer, We're Cool


Come Closer, We're Cool

LP, Manufactured Recordings, 2017

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A1 Candy Loves Me So 1:08
A2 Love Me Forever 1:24
A3 Jukebox Rider 2:08
A4 You My Sweet Wounded Bird 2:54
A5 Magic Johnson 1:07
A6 Stuka 2:16
A7 Friendly Lovely Friends 1:39
A8 The Thirteenth Thirteen 1:46
A9 Shoot Power Gun 2:20
A10 Cherry Love Comb 2:30
A11 Farewell My Love 1:33
B1 The Man With Cocaine In His Nose 3:15
B2 Vaginal Oedema 1:32
B3 My Upset Collection 3:39
B4 Thumbelina 1:28
B5 Missed 2:43
B6 Your Mouth 2:51
B7 Sex Toy Box 6:36
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