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Everyday Robots
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Albarn, Damon

Everyday Robots


Everyday Robots 3:58
Hostiles 4:09
Lonely Press Play 3:42
Mr Tembo 3:43
Parakeet 0:43
The Selfish Giant 4:47
You And Me 7:05
Hollow Ponds 4:59
Seven High 1:00
Photographs (You Are Taking Now) 4:43
The History Of A Cheating Heart 4:00
Heavy Seas Of Love 3:43
Everyday Robots (Live From Fox Studios, LA) 3:56
Hollow Ponds (Live From Fox Studios, LA) 4:39
Lonely Press Play (Live From Fox Studios, LA) 4:03
Hostiles (Live From Fox Studios, LA) 4:33
Everyday Robots Track By Track Interview 15:41
Everyday Robots Official Video 4:02
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