De Bom

Doe Maar

De Bom Default Title

This a 2019 RSD unofficial title and will ship 4/13/2019

MOV - 7" Vinyl De Bom is available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on transparent yellow vinyl and 500 individually numbered copies on transparent green vinyl. Delivered at random!

With De Bom, Doe Maar managed to enter the Dutch chart in 1982. The song written by keyboardist Ernst Jansz achieved a number 1 position in the Top 40. In addition to the keyboards, Ernst also took care of the majority of the vocals work. The band had grown into a supergroup and chose on the B-side to include the instrumental song "Skunk", written by Henny Vrienten. Just like on the song "De Bom", because of the absence of a drummer, the Linn drum computer plays a prominent role. "Man O Man" was originally recorded for the album Skunk, but ultimately not released on this album. This renewed version contains extra choirs and windpieces. 

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