Dr. Who & the Daleks / Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (Original Television Soundtrack)

Malcolm Lockyer and Bill McGuffie

Dr. Who & the Daleks / Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (Original Television Soundtrack)

Double "Flame" Vinyl. Limited edition of 1500 copies.
Record Store Day 2016 release.

Silva Screen Records, 2009.


Dr. Who And The Daleks
A1 Fanfare And Opening Titles 1:48
A2 TARDIS 0:48
A3 The Petrified Jungle 1:58
A4 The Petrified Creature And The City 0:50
A5 Four Return To The TARDIS 1:06
A6 The Medicine Box And The Climb To The City 2:22
A7 City Corridors 1:54
A8 Captured By The Daleks 1:19
A9 Susan Leaves The City 1:16
A10 The Jungle At Night 2:13
A11 Susan Returns To The City 1:12
A12 Escape From The Cell 3:05
B1 The Trap 3:44
B2 The Swamp 2:37
B3 The Mountain 2:34
B4 The Cave 1:57
B5 The Jump 0:53
B6 The Thals Approach The City 1:40
B7 The Countdown 2:38
B8 The Countdown Stops 2:17
B9 Finale And End Titles
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
C1 Smash And Grab 1:43
C2 TARDIS Departs (Sound Effects) 0:12
C3 Opening Titles 1:59
C4 TARDIS (Sound Effects) 1:15
C5 London, 2150 A.D. (Music And Sound Effects) 0:50
C6 Daleks And Robomen 5:01
C7 Message To Grandfather And The Dalek Saucer Takes Off (Music And Sound Effects) 1:26
C8 The Mine Workings And The Cottage 1:24
C9 Preparing The Bomb Capsule 1:22
C10 Smash And Grab (Reprise) And End Titles 2:04
The Singles
D1 The Eccentric Dr. Who 2:23
D2 Daleks And Thals 2:07
D3 Fugue For Thought 2:12
Dr. Who And The Daleks - Bonus Tracks
D4 Fanfare And Opening Titles (Soundtrack Version With Sound Effects) 1:46
D5 TARDIS Effects 3:04
D6 Dalek City Effects 6:31
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