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Evil Star - Live '19 Boxset
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Evil Star - Live '19 Boxset

180g LPx11, Box Set, Needlejuice Records

Live In Adelaide ’19
A1 Evil Star
A2 Planet B
A3 Mars For The Rich
A4 Venusian
A5 Cyboogie
B1 Real’s Not Real
B2 Hot Water
B3 Open Water
B4 Sleep Drifter
C1 Billabong Valley
C2 The Bird Song
C3 Inner Cell
C4 Loyalty
C5 Horology
D1 Plastic Boogie
D2 Organ Farmer
D3 Self-Immolate
D4 Head On/Pill
E Head On/Pill (Cont'd)
F [no audio, etching]
Live In Asheville ’19
G1 Evil Star
G2 Self-Immolate
G3 Venusian 1
G4 Alter Me III
G5 Altered Beast IV
G6 People-Vultures
H1 This Thing
H2 Beginner’s Luck
H3 Rattlesnake
H4 Cyboogie
I1 Loyalty
I2 Horology
I3 Boogieman Sam
I4 Plastic Boogie
I5 Mars For The Rich
J1 Hell
J2 The Lord Of Lightning
J3 The Bitter Boogie
Live In Brussels ’19
K1 Evil Star
K2 Venusian 2
K3 Superbug
K4 The Lord Of Lightning
K5 Alter Me III
K6 Altered Beast IV
L1 People-Vultures
L2 This Thing
L3 Sense
M1 The Wheel
M2 The Bird Song
M3 Down The Sink
M4 Work This Time
N1 Robot Stop
N2 Big Fig Wasp
N3 Gamma Knife
N4 Float Along – Fill Your Lungs
Live In London ’19
O1 Evil Star
O2 Self-Immolate
O3 Mars For The Rich
O4 I’m In Your Mind
O5 I’m Not In Your Mind
O6 Cellophane
P1 The Great Chain Of Being
P2 Plastic Boogie
P3 Crumbling Castle
P4 This Thing
Q1 Boogieman Sam
Q2 Mr. Beat
Q3 Evil Death Roll
Q4 Venusian 2
R1 Planet B
R2 Rattlesnake
R3 Float Along – Fill Your Lungs
Live In Paris ’19
S1 Evil Star
S2 Venusian 2
S3 Perihelion
S4 Crumbling Castle
S5 The Fourth Colour
T1 Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
T2 The Castle In The Air
T3 Muddy Water
T4 People-Vultures
T5 Mr. Beat
T6 Hot Water
U1 This Thing
U2 Billabong Valley
U3 Nuclear Fusion
U4 Anoxia
U5 All Is Known
V1 Boogieman Sam
V2 Mars For The Rich
V3 Am I In Heaven?

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