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Mega Man X
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Capcom Sound Team

Mega Man X

LP, Laced Records

A1 Capcom Logo
A2 Password
A3 Opening Stage
A4 Vile 1
A5 Vile 2
A6 Zero
A7 Cutscene
A8 Stage Select 1
A9 Stage Start
A10 Launch Octopus Stage
A11 Chill Penguin Stage
A12 Flame Mammoth Stage
A13 Boomer Kuwanger Stage
A14 Sting Chameleon Stage
A15 Spark Mandrill Stage
A16 Storm Eagle Stage
B1 Armored Armadillo Stage
B2 Boss 1
B3 Boss 2
B4 Stage Complete
B5 You Got a New Weapon
B6 Stage Select 2
B7 Sigma Stage 1
B8 Sigma Stage 2
B9 Sigma Stage 3
B10 Sigma Stage 4
B11 Sigma 1
B12 Sigma Rebirth
B13 Sigma 2
B14 Dr. Light Capsule
B15 Ending
B16 Cast Roll
B17 Staff Credits

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