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Nimrod. XXV [25th anniversary deluxe edition]
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Green Day

Nimrod. XXV [25th anniversary deluxe edition]

Box Set, Reprise Records

Exclusively available in the official Green Day store and indie records stores. The box set includes 3 albums on 5 silver vinyl LPs, a 20 page 12” x 12” book, poster, cloth patch, exclusive slip-mat, and commemorative backstage pass.

The 14 track demos disc includes two unreleased Green Day tracks (“You Irritate Me” and “Tre Polka”), plus a cover of the classic Elvis Costello song “Allison” (previously unreleased).

The live album was recorded at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia on November 14, 1997.

A1 Nice Guys Finish Last
A2 Hitchin' A Ride
A3 The Grouch
A4 Redundant
A5 Scattered
A6 All The Time
B7 Worry Rock
B8 Platypus (I Hate You)
B9 Uptight
B10 Last Ride In
B11 Jinx
B12 Haushinka
C13 Walking Alone
C14 Reject
C15 Take Back
C16 King For A Day
C17 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
C18 Prosthetic Head
E19 Nice Guys Finish Last 2:53
E20 Place Inside My Head 2:33
E21 The Grouch 2:09
E22 Walking Alone 2:34
E23 Jinx 1:52
E24 Alison 2:35
E25 Espionage 3:16
F26 You Irritate Me 1:37
F27 Tre Polka 2:41
F28 When It's Time 2:21
F29 Desensitized 2:27
F30 Chain Saw 1:33
F31 Reject 2:04
F32 Black Eyeliner 3:14
Live At The Electric Factory.
G33 Going To Pasalacqua 4:13
G34 Welcome To Paradise 4:12
G35 Geek Stink Breath 2:39
G36 Nice Guys Finish Last 2:57
G37 Hitchin' A Ride 4:17
H38 The Grouch 3:14
H39 Chump 2:41
H40 Longview 3:36
H41 2000 Light Years Away 6:07
H42 Brain Stew 3:15
I43 Jaded 2:27
I44 Knowledge 6:08
I45 Basket Case 2:49
I46 She 2:35
I47 F.O.D. 2:40
J48 Paper Lanterns 9:55
J49 Scattered 3:19
J50 Prosthetic Head 4:06
J51 When I Come Around 3:22
J52 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) 2:09

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