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Recombo DNA


Recombo DNA

Limited edition colored vinyl, inclues 3" mini CD, Poster, Liner Notes, and Extras

Quadruple LP, Futurismo Records


Sequence: (a)
A1 A Neccessary Response With Jerry Casale 0:15
A2 Recombo DNA (Demo) 2:06
A3 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (Live) 5:27
A4 Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') (Demo) 2:17
A5 Be Stiff (Alternate Mix) 2:43
A6 Pink Pussycat (Demo) 4:08
A7 Goo Goo Itch (Alternate Version) 2:25
A8 Strange Pursuit (Demo) 2:31
Sequence: (b)
B1 The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (Demo) 3:32
B2 Bushwacked (Prosthetic Version) 4:40
B3 Girl U Want (Demo Alternate Version) 2:59
B4 Turn Around (Demo Alternate Version) 2:12
B5 Snowball (Demo Alternate Version) 2:49
B6 Luv & Such 2:53
B7 Conscious Mutation with Mark Motherbaugh 0:38
Sequence: (c)
C1 Gates Of Steel (Demo Alternate Version) 3:28
C2 Planet Earth (Demo Alternate Version) 3:16
C3 Whip It (Demo Alternate Version) 2:38
C4 Cold War (Demo Alternate Version) 2:33
C5 Time Bomb 3:13
C6 That's Pep (Demo Alternate Version) 2:31
C7 Mental Warfare With Jerry Casale And Mark Mothersbaugh 0:35
Sequence: (d)
D1 Ton 'O Luv (Instrumental Demo) 2:54
D2 Make Me Dance (Labeled 'Make Me Move') 2:16
D3 Gotta Serve Somebody (Live) By Dove 6:30
D4 I Saw Jesus 1:30
D5 Psychology Of Desire (Demo) 4:23
D6 Pity You (Demo) 2:54
Sequence: (e)
E1 Beautiful World (Demo) 3:41
E2 Race Of Doom (Demo) 3:43
E3 I Desire (Demo) 3:18
E4 Big Mess (Demo) 2:48
E5 The 4th Dimension (Alternate Version Rough Mix) 4:19
E6 Here To Go (Alternate Version Rough Mix) 3:18
Sequence: (f)
F1 Some Things Don't Change (Rough Mix) 2:55
F2 Big Adventure (Rough Mix) 2:45
F3 No Noise (Rough Mix) 2:50
F4 Love Is Stronger Than Dirt 2:11
F5 Faster And Faster 2:49
F6 Modern Life 3:04
F7 We Are Unique With Jerry Casale And Mark Mothersbaugh 0:31
Sequence: (g)
G1 The Only One (Demo) Vocal By Toni Basil 4:06
G2 Baby Doll (Demo) 3:36
G3 Some Things Never Change (Demo) 5:27
G4 Plain Truth (Demo) 3:59
G5 Happy Guy (Demo) 3:32
Sequence: (h)
H1 Before Babydoll There Was Satan With Mark Motherbaugh 0:47
H2 Satan Rm (Pre-Baby Doll) 3:47
H3 Red Alert (Unreleased) 2:56
H4 Sad Song (Unreleased) 3:35
H5 Mind Games (Demo) 2:25
H6 Later Is Now (Instrumental Demo) 3:53
H7 It's Not Nuclear Bombs You Must Fear With Booji Boy 0:16
Sequence: (i)
CD 1 The Somewhere Suite (Studio Version Demo) 18:22
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