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Sublime, Robbin' the Hood
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Robbin' the Hood

Double Vinyl

 Newly Remastered, Supervised by Miguel


A1 Waiting For Bud 1:02
A2 Steady B Loop Dub 1:23
A3 Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. I 1:46
A4 Pool Shark (Original) 0:57
A5 Steppin' Razor 2:24
A6 Greatest-Hits 2:53
A7 Free Loop Dub 3:08
A8 Q-Ball 0:43
B1 Saw Red 1:57
B2 Work That We Do 2:34
B3 Lincoln Highway Dub 2:21
B4 Pool Shark (Acoustic) 1:25
B5 Cisco Kid 4:38
B6 Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. II 3:39
C1 STP 2:57
C2 Boss D.J. 2:51
C3 I Don't Care Too Much For Reggae Dub 5:20
C4 Falling Idols 2:37
D1 All You Need 2:45
D2 Freeway Time In LA County Jail 3:17
D3 Mary 1:34
D4 Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. III 8:29
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