Splendid Love


Splendid Love


Great Tracks - [7''] (Japanese import, limited)

Masterpiece of idol pop song ''Splendid Love'' by Lip's is being released on vinyl for the first time in 29 years!

2nd album of a three piece girls idol group, Lip's released in 1990 when it was hard time for idols, and the masterpice highly regarded among many idol pop songs. Composed by Masayuki Kishi who is known for the big hits of ''I Wanted To Talk To You'' by Yoko Minamino and ''Marina no Natsu'' by Marina Watanabe, and arranged by Nobuyuki Shimizu who is known for arranging lots of famous musicians including Taeko Ohnuki, EPO and Senri Oe. Elegant, flowing strings and synthesizer, tight rhythm and brass section, hot sound of saxophone added from the interlude, there are so much to listen.

First 7inch single cut with 1st single ''Ai no Maryoku'' in Side B and new artwork!



Splendid Love

Written by Yumi Yoshimoto, Music by Masayuki Kishi, Arranged by Nobuyuki Shimizu


Ai no Maryoku

Written by Mitsuko Shiramine, Music by Chika Ueda, Arranged by Hiroshi Shinkawa

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