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Tekken 7 [Original Soundtrack]
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Namco Sounds

Tekken 7 [Original Soundtrack]

Box Set, Laced Records

A1 Beginning Of The End
A2 Solitude
A3 Tonight Is The Night
A4 Fight Night
A5 Midnight Closet
A6 Sunbeams
A7 Canto 1
B1 Beginning
B2 Duomo Di Sirio 1st
B3 Duomo Di Sirio 2nd
B4 Metallic Experience 1st
B5 Metallic Experience 2nd
B6 I'm Here Now 7's Remix
B7 Violetsystems 1st
B8 Violetsystems 2nd
C1 Desperate Struggle
C2 Abandoned Temple Final 1st
C3 Abandoned Temple Final 2nd
C4 Arctic Snowfall 1st
C5 The Motion
C6 Equator Line 1st
C7 Equator Line 2nd
D1 Precipice Of Fate 2nd
D2 Moonsiders 1st
D3 Siren's Call
D4 A Grain Of Sand 1st
D5 Hideaway 2nd
D6 Dojo 1st
D7 Dojo 2nd
E1 Empty Your Mind 1st
E2 Empty Your Mind 2nd
E3 Brimstone & Fire 1st
E4 Brimstone & Fire 2nd
E5 Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st
E6 Ruin 65 2nd
E7 The Day Before The Glass Matrix 1st
F1 House Of Hachijyou
F2 Kazumi's Theme
F3 Devil Kazumi
F4 Volcano 1st
F5 Volcano 2nd
G1 Heat Haze Shadow 1
G2 Heat Haze Shadow 2
G3 Aloneness
G4 The Long Goodbye
G5 Vrede
G6 Ball Wall
G7 Dream Chest
H1 Hwoarang's Ending
H2 Devil Jin's Ending
H3 Katarina's Ending
H4 Gigas's Ending
H5 Lucky Chloe's Ending
H6 Eddy's Ending
H7 Master Raven's Ending
H8 Dragunov's Ending
H9 Paul's Ending
H10 Panda's Ending
H11 Josie's Ending
H12 Kuma's Ending
H13 Bob's Ending
H14 Bryan's Ending
H15 Steve's Ending
H16 Nina's Ending
H17 Aska's Ending
H18 Xiaoyu's Ending
H19 Claudio's Ending
H20 Feng Wei's Ending
H21 Law's Ending
H22 Yoshimitsu's Ending
H23 Miguel's Ending
H24 Shaheen's Ending
H25 King's Ending
H26 Jack's Ending
H27 Eliza's Ending

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