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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [Original Soundtrack]
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Namco Sounds

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [Original Soundtrack]

Box Set, Laced Records

A1 Piano Intro -Massive True Mix
A2 Dawn Of The Beat
A3 Baile De Batalla
A4 Stained Orange
A5 Electro Parade
B1 Reflexion
B2 Siga
B3 The Big One ~Quiet Strings Mix
B4 Fiji -Paraiso Mix-
C1 Your Sunset
C2 School -After School Mix-
C3 Battle Cry
C4 Tekken Tunes
C5 The Strongest Iron Arena -Silver Mix-
C6 Utmost Limits
D1 Waiting For The Vagabond
D2 Mystic Force
D3 Glow Of The Oil
D4 Fantastic Theater
D5 Moonlit Wilderness -D.T.O. Mix-
E1 Plucking Tulips
E2 Landscape Under The Ghost - Kaminan
E3 Specification Changes
E4 Sadistic Xmas
E5 Sunny
F1 Wall Of Confrontation
F2 Evaluation Result
F3 Fightlab Jingle 1
F4 Fightlab Jingle 2
F5 Fightlab Jingle 3
F6 Fightlab Jingle 4
F7 Fightlab Jingle 5
F8 Fightlab Jingle 6
F9 Luxury Garden
F10 Highschool Love!
F11 Un Deux Trois
G1 Tekken Tag Tournament Piano Intro -Massive Mix-
G2 Tekstep Fountain
G3 Snow Castle -Mundus Arrange-
G4 Zirkus
G5 Yun
G6 Tool Pusher
H1 What You Will See
H2 Abyss Of Time
H3 Aim To Win
H4 It's Not A Tuna!
H5 Jin Kazama -Far East Mix-
H6 Night Falls

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