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The End of an Era
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Iggy Azalea

The End of an Era

LP, Empire Records

Red/Blue/Purple colored Vinyl

Limited to 2000 copies

1 Iggy Azalea– Sirens 2:55
2 Iggy Azalea– Brazil 3:09
3 Iggy Azalea– Pillow Fight 2:47
4 Iggy Azalea– Emo Club Anthem 2:50
5 Iggy Azalea– Stfu 2:31
6 Iggy Azalea– Iam The Stripclub 2:48
7 Iggy Azalea– Nights Like This 2:33
8 Iggy Azalea– Woke Up (Diamonds) 2:41
9 Iggy Azalea & Bia (10)– Is That Right 2:50
10 Iggy Azalea– Xxxtra 2:26
11 Iggy Azalea– Peach Body 3:09
12 Iggy Azalea & Sophia Scott– Sex On The Beach 3:01
13 Iggy Azalea– Good Times With Bad People 2:25
14 Iggy Azalea & Ellise– Day 3 In Miami (End Of An Era) 2:46

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