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The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls in America
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The Hold Steady

Boys and Girls in America

Deluxe Edition

Double LP, Vagrant Records


A1 Stuck Between Stations 4:10
A2 Chips Ahoy! 3:10
A3 Hot Soft Light 3:54
A4 Same Kooks 2:48
A5 First Night 4:54
B1 Party Pit 3:56
B2 You Can Make Him Like You 2:49
B3 Massive Nights 2:54
B4 Citrus 2:44
B5 Chillout Tent 3:43
B6 Southtown Girls 5:11
C1 Girls Like Status 3:05
C2 Arms & Hearts 3:51
C3 For Boston 3:10
C4 Teenage Liberation 2:56
C5 Citrus (Demo) 2:39
D1 Stuck Between Stations (Demo) 4:05
D2 Chips Ahoy! (Demo) 3:13
D3 Massive Nights (Demo) 2:54
D4 Chill out Tent (Demo) 3:09
D5 First Night (Demo) 4:58
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